The company's founder - Mr. Tibor Kiss (EUR ING - European Engineer) has been working as a managing director of his own family-sized company from 1989, when the first time it was possible to found a private enterprise in Hungary. His company, named as HITECH-SOL Ltd. previously was called as KOM-ET…Ltd. The main activy of the company has always been the same. Refrigeration, air conditioning and control business, in which the company by now has more than 15 years of experience. We deal with the planning, the import, the construction as well as the maintenance of air conditioning and refrigeration systems.

Last year the company won an EU co-financed "GVOP-EU" project from the EU Structural Funds. Therefore currently its main activity is to conduct the above project in cooperation with special subcontractors on one hand and with the HVAC on other hand.The company is a partner in the Brussels base EU "Intelligent Energy Europe" program. Also in the year 2005 our manager has participated at a specialised training course at the Technical University of Budapest and received the "Energy Auditor under the EU Rules" title. By now, he has gained also practical experience in energy auditing.

We are able to edit building energy audits and if the close future should realising the new Government Directives the officially building energy certificate's editing. We are open to any kind of cooperation in the field of cooling/refrigeration and renewable energy resources. We have long experience in applying heat pumps- especially focus on: heating buildings with the heat pumped out from the ground -as same as the solar energy aplications.

Our managind director, Mr. Tibor Kiss in Brussels attending the "ManagEnergy Conference" - 06.02.2006.