Alternative-renewable energy

First of all - on the field of using renewable energy sources we are working on an energy application with solar collectors (click here for more details).

An other important section of our activity is using heat-pumps for central heating of buildings. It is possible option to use air-to air or water-to water heat pumps. The ground source heat pumps in heating mode, extracts heat from the moisture in the ground and transfers it the central heating system producing 50 - 55 oC water inside building. This temperature is an ideal supply to floor, to wall or fan-coil type heatings.

The tube circuits placed underground can also be used for "passive cooling". In this case the plastic tube circuit continues on the internal wall or on the ceiling of the room. The fluid circulated in it takes the underground temperature to the room and through its narrow cushion cools the air in the room.

A new fileld of our activity is the electric energy production by fuel cells which has great chances of future development.